Pitch roof netting is suspended on wires across a pitch to completely encapsulate the playing area. This is a great ‘ball-stop’ option especially when extra high ball-stop netting is not suitable. When included as part of the initial ‘first-fit’ design the system can be intergrated with the panel posts. If the system is added as a reto-fit extra posts are used as a stand alone system.

50mm aperture netting is used when small ball sports are being played i.e. Tennis, Cricket or Le Cross (Note: not suitable for large expanses. 50mm netting has a tendancy to freeze and retain snow fall causing it to sag or even break)

100mm aperture netting is used when larger ball sports are being played i.e. Football, Rugby and Basketball.

Roof netting is a particully useful addition or retro-fit as part of pitch planning applications. Offering 100% ball pitch retention is especially favourable in built-up / Urban areas near roads etc. where 100% ball retention is required to maintain activity engagment and minimise public contact.

Perfect for:  

Schools and Colleges

Leisure Centres

Council Properties

Sports Clubs

Training Grounds

Retro-fitting ball-stop netting can be acheived by either attaching net to existing posts or to specially designed extension posts that are often installed as part of a retro-fit ball-stop side netting system.