Overlap Boarding 12Kg/sq.m

Noise pollution within our everyday environment is an issue that, as a nation, we are now increasingly aware of.
Traffic noise, aircraft noise, increased noise from public events such as music venues, pubs and clubs are to name but a few examples where you may be looking to find practical, cost effective acoustic solutions.

Product Information:

• Heights of up to 12 meters - Certified to: BS EN 1794-1:2003 and BS EN 1793-1:1998 / BS EN 1793-2:1998
• Noise reduction of up to 30dB (subject to assessment).
• 150x22mm vertical boards with 75x22mm cover strips.
• 250x47mm Gravel boards, 100x47mm horizontal support rails.
• 150x100mm Timber or Steel RSJ posts @ 2.4m centres. .
• Pedestrian & Vehicular gates available.