Security Fencing

Vertical Bar Railings

Vertical Bar security fencing has a broad appeal across all commercial and residential sectors due to its high aesthetic quality. All of our security railings can be designed and customised to suit your site, including slopes, curves and changes in ground level. All railings are galvanised in accordance with BSEN ISO 1461.

Product Information:
Vertical bar fencing can vary in height from 900mm to 3000mm high, comprising of solid round bar, square or diamond with either rounded, pointed or blunt tops. Post sizes vary from 50mm to 80mm square box section.
An ideal security solution when perimeter fencing requires that aesthetic quality. Manufactured from 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 22mm vertical solid bar infill dependent on security requirements.
Standard stock colours are Green Ral 6005 and Black Ral 9005.

Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel Palisade security fencing is recognised as the front runner in the commercial security market. It is highly versatile security fencing and will suit most site conditions whilst being able to remain economical by accommodating rakes and falls without the need for expensive modifications.

Product Information:
Steel Palisade security fencing is offered in two-profiles; W-Section and D-Section, all steel palisade Fencing is installed with anti-vandal fixings. Palisade fencing heights vary from 1.2m high up to 3.0m high, as the heights increase the horizontal rails increase in size. The palisade pales used to clad the fencing are 2.0mm thick and these can be triple pointed, single pointed, square topped or round and notched tops.
Standard stock colours are Green Ral 6005 and Galvanised finish only.
Steel Palisade security fencing is ideal for school, industrial and utilities applications.

Securitech ‘358’ fencing

Securitech ‘358’ fencing utilises heavy gauge wires to offer a significant degree of strength. Approved by the Home Office, this security fencing is widely used in Prisons, military establishments, detention centres, custodial centres and secure compounds to provide the ultimate security fencing solution. With aperture size 75.2mm x 12.5mm & 4mm dia wire Securitech ‘358’ fencing is designed to be finger proof, anti-climb and extremely difficult to penetrate using normal hand tools. A range of post tops are available including barbed wire, razor wire and rota-spikes.

Product Information:
Aperture size : 75.2mm x 12.5mm x 4mm.
Securitech ‘358’ fencing gives you the highest form of security and can vary in height ranging from 1.2m up to 6.0m high fixed onto intermediate posts at 2.44m centres.
Standard stock colours are Green Ral 6005 and Black Ral 9005, other colours are available on request.

Cantilever Gates & Access

Plant Fencing have a range of bespoke and standard gates to compliment your sports fencing and security fencing arrangements
Manual or automated, swing or slide, our gates are manufactured to very high standards to offer superior weather resistance, strength and durability.