“Combined security and  sports fencing”

For sports applications such as five-a-side football, which require rebound qualities, weld mesh is mounted above a 358 panel which in turn is mounted on two horizontal angle irons.

1.27m high ‘358’ mesh fixed to two rear support rails creating excellent rebound properties. Regular 50 x 50 x 3.55/3.00mm welded mesh fitted above.

Narrow apertures (just 76.1 mm x 12.5 mm), welded at every intersection, prevent fingerand foot holds making 358 Prison Mesh security fencing extremely difficult to climb. Narrow apertures also add to the ability of this type of security fencing to resist attacks by hand tools.

Recommended for:-


Security MUGA Pitches

Product Information

With aperture size 76.1mm x 12.5mm & 4mm diameter, wire 358 Security Mesh fencing is designed to be fingerproof, anti-climb and extremely difficult to penetrate using normal hand tools.

Post sizes: 60mm x 40mm x3mm RHS are used for heights up to 4m. 80mm x 40mm x 3mm for heights up to 5.

Standard stock colours are Green Ral 6005 and Black Ral 9005, other colours are available on request