Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel Palisade security fencing is recognised as the front runner in the commercial security market. It is highly versatile security fencing and will suit most site conditions whilst being able to remain economical by accommodating rakes and falls without the need for expensive modifications.

Product Information:

Steel Palisade security fencing is offered in two-profiles; W-Section and D-Section, all steel palisade Fencing is installed with anti-vandal fixings. Palisade fencing heights vary from 1.2m high up to 3.0m high, as the heights increase the horizontal rails increase in size. The palisade pales used to clad the fencing are 2.0mm thick and these can be triple pointed, single pointed, square topped or round and notched tops.
Standard stock colours are Green Ral 6005 and Galvanised finish only.
Steel Palisade security fencing is ideal for school, industrial and utilities applications.